Sore knee from running

May 14, 2018

Hi there,
I have seen a physio who prescribed leg strengthening exercises but I am still having issues when running decent distances.

The first few KM are fine but after a while I get a soreness in the inside of my left knee cap. This will last for the rest of the run and then a few days afterwards.

It is particularly sore when walking down stairs. It usually responds well to strength exercises thereafter and I can usually run again after a few days-1 week.

Not ideal for training

May 14, 2018

Hi James

What enables you to run decent distances rather than short sprints is getting your muscles to work as endurance motors and not just power houses for short distances.

Sometimes when you train to only get stronger, you miss the control, stability and endurance bit….and this is pretty key.

Just doing the same stuff time and time again won’t get you any better in the long term, and this sounds like pretty classic PFJ related pain. You need to ease the strength stuff (well you don’t need to – just depends how much time you have!) and ramp up your control biased rehab.

I’m sure you’d have a pretty wobbly single knee squat (poor control) and so we’ve shot some super vid’s just here.. check out the gluteal ones and knee pain…

Drop you distance (temporarily) to manage your load, get control then slowly increase as pain allows. Won’t happen overnight but you’ll see a big difference in 2/3 weeks if you rehab little and often.

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