Botox for neck and shoulder pain

June 9, 2017

Hi – have you had any experience of patients using Botox treatment for head neck and shoulder pain?

Do you think it can help in conjunction with physio?

June 9, 2017

Hi Olivia

Yes – and no…

Botox is generally only used when good, decent rehab Physio has been exhausted and the muscle spasm can’t be shifted, The Botox potentially (but not always) allows a period of time when the spasm (and pain) is less to get on with the rehab.

I’ve seen it with really unstable shoulders with OK results – as the cause of the symptoms (the spasm) can be clinically reasoned…necks are slightly different and it certainly isn’t seen as a cure, but a window of opportunity.

I guess by the question you ask you have been around the houses to allude to a treatment plan such as this?

I’m sure we can help post the botox jab, but I’d be even more prudent to see us (or someone else) before the jab to make sure that you’ve well and truly failed at decent rehab where it’s addressing the cause of your symptoms and not just trying to make you feel better….if you’ve had lots of stretching I’d suspect the latter and that’s not going to work…

Do let me know what you think…

The Guru

Guru Responded

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