The Guru tells Nicola that ‘rest is best’ for her Pins & Needles

December 22, 2015

Hi there,

I stopped running about 3 & 1/2weeks ago after P&N in my right foot which didn’t subside. I’ve had P&N before but never after running. I then rolled my foot over a golf ball to stretch it but ended up over stretching the arch which was painful for days! This has now gone however I have a lot of discomfort across the mid/top section of my foot, particularly when standing, which feels like pressure/bruising.

Several times I had to take my boots off as they became so tight so for the last 2 weeks I have only worn trainers. I have tried everything (RICE, new trainers, insoles!).

A Pod has ruled out Mortons Neuroma and stress fracture but I’m nervous to start running again as my foot still isn’t right but by mid Jan I need to start marathon training.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

December 22, 2015

…at this time of year, rest seems like the wrong option with all the mince pies and booze flowing around – but rest it is.

You’ve got so many different bones and joints in your feet – I’m sure it’s like 50% of all the body joint are in your feet, and so they have need to have pretty good synergy with each other. If one is shoved out of kilter and then you do something which you hope helps, but actually adds to the mix, you end up with a pretty sore and annoyed foot – the location of which will vary.

Mid Jan is a little under a month away and another 2 weeks chillin’ over festive break will do the joints in your feet a world of good. Keep in happy trainers, slowly increase your walking distance to keep some foot conditioning and then return to guided recovery running after the 1st week of Jan.

It never seems like a satisfactory answer for a Physio to say “rest” but sometimes the best treatment is doing nothing….

Happy Hols

Guru Responded

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