Jubilee, Olympics, Summer – they are all over.

We are continually expanding our expert knowledge, so we can help you get better quicker. Read on, and I need say no more…..

Beth is my saviour!-

Tim is the man

I was working with three physios during my recent treatment and one of the things that really impressed me, was the fact that all three had properly communicated between each other. This meant I could use each session productively, rather than wasting time explaining what I had already explained to someone else! The other thing I found really pleasing is that I wasn’t over or under serviced: put another way, I got the intensive treatment when I was most in pain, but when I was clearly on the mend, I was sent on my merry way with a bunch of fantastic exercises I could do at home. Finally, no matter how often I forgot my gym gear, the team lent me those ”fabulous” shorts and tshirt, and never looked remotely miffed! I think the Six Physio team at London Wall are fantastic

Great physios that care about you and want you to improve fully to meet your own goals. They go beyond their role in getting you better. Friendly and efficient receptionists who do a great job and know what is going on. Nothing has been a problem for them.

Nicola and Skye are amazing!-

Kelly Robinson is a great physio, professional and very knowledgeable.

And for those of you who were unsure how good our APP is…..

Emails/sms appointment reminders are very helpful, and iPhone app is a great benefit.

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