Puffy hands, Creaky Fingers, Ganglion cysts?

Six Physio’s Hand Clinic can help with all of these – The Daily Mail has run a series of articles recently, taking advice from us:

Six Physio

The possible causes of Puffy hands are poor circulation, bad posture or lymph gland issues. The problem stems from a build-up of fluid in the soft tissues causing them to swell, otherwise known as oedema. Caroline Southgate suggests raising your hands above your head – the nearest lymph system to your hands is the armpits, and if these glands arent draining fluids naturally then you need to get them moving.Oedema can be a symptom of more serious illnesses or neck problems, so if it persists then see your GP.

If you have creaky, crunchy fingers then the cause could be pressure building up in the joints, osteoarthritis. The sounds come from small air pockets that form in the fliud surrounding the joint, which then rapidly pop. Some fingers crack more but if there is no pain, it is harmless. But if there is pain or weakness, get it checked to rule out arthritic changes.

Lumps on your fingers or wrists are probably ganglion cysts, which form when the jelly-like fluid that lubricates joints leaks out and forms a hard lump.They can occur at the site of an injury or just through old age. Some only last a few weeks before the fluid is re-absorbed by the body. Please don’t hit them with a book…..

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