This is why you should use Fit8…

Based at our Fulham Clinic, Fit 8 have a wealth of knowledge on strength and conditioning.

Six Physio

We refer a lot of patients to them after physio discharge, it is a great way to ensure that your patients stay fit, strong and continue to get moving…especially if there sedentary lifestyle is driving their pain.

You can set your own goals and aims, there are 5 different phase levels that you go through, conditioning, endurance, strength, power,and body weight.  You go through each phase over a 15week course.  In each phase you are on a heart rate monitor and work within the range that is required to achieve optimum results.

The client can choose how many times they come in…different packages suit the individual and fit8 are quite flexible at meeting the client’s needs.

In a nutshell: They are great!  Think about using them…your patients will thank you I promise!

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