Failure to lunch

FAILURE TO LUNCH How skipping breaks at work can lead to bad posture, an unhealthy diet and sleepless nights – 17th April for The Sun

Claire Dunwell speaks to experts about damage you could be doing – and how to make the most of your lunch break.

When was the last time you took your full lunch hour at work?
It seems we are a nation of desk-hunching, on-the-go eaters. Just three per cent of us take an hour-long break, with 52 per cent grabbing no more than ten minutes. A fifth blame their workload and 12 per cent say they are worried about leaving their desk. But skipping these breaks can have negative impacts on our health.


Without getting up from your desk for a lunch break, and moving about, we sit in the same position for long periods – which is bad for posture.

Julia Barber, consultant at Six Physio, says: “Our bodies are designed to move but many of us are employed in sedentary occupations.

“Research suggests active breaks with postural changes may be effective in reducing pain and discomfort as well as preventing our backs and muscles from tightening up in the first place.

“Try setting an alert on your phone to prompt you to get up.”

FIX IT: Motion is lotion for the joints and just small breaks in the day can improve how your body and brain feel, come clocking-off time.

Get up and do a circle of the office every hour and go for a walk on your lunch break. Check your work station, is it set up correctly?

Other factors include: Sleep, Bones, Fitness, Happiness, Diet

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