Kick off tomorrow! “Stand up if you love…” #ENG


Six Physio

“Stand up if you love…” not just your team but your back too! To avoid that “sudden moment of joy” when the ball hits the back of the net becoming a “sudden muscle spasm” keep standing at regular intervals during the game. Sitting for prolonged periods of time significantly increases the pressure that goes through your spinal discs and joints.

“Let’s all have a disc-o”… Recreate some of those iconic world cup celebrations without causing yourself an injury by regularly changing position and stretch the muscles around the neck and upper back. Do you remember Marco Tardelli’s famous head shaker in 1982 (mind the neck), Roger Miller’s corner flag salsa routine from the 1990’s (watch those hips) and more recently Peter Crouch’s robot dance (watch those elbows)?

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