Men have Pelvic Floors too

#WorldContinenceWeek – Men have pelvic floor muscles too! by Jenny Constable

How to work them and what can happen if they are not at their best.

In an ideal world pelvic floor muscle exercises or ‘Kegels’ should be done everyday by men and women. These muscles are put under stress and could be weakened during our normal daily activities such as lifting heavy items or straining during a bowel movement, for example.

The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for controlling your bladder and bowel, however, they also play a large part in controlling your erections as well.

If we do not look after the pelvic floor muscles then there is a risk of urine incontinence, erectile problems or they can be a source of pelvic pain.

You can improve your pelvic floor health with regular basic exercise;

Start off by being nice and relaxed in lying or sitting position. As you breath out, try to draw your testicles up inside you. Hold for 10 seconds while breathing at the same time, after 10 seconds allow everything to drop back down, try to repeat this 10 times in a row.
Once you have mastered this you can try a variation, instead of waiting 10 seconds, allow everything to drop back down straight away and repeat 10 times in quick session.

You can complete this exercise at any time during the day, at your desk, on the train or wherever you are able to and in doing so you will help to keep your pelvic floor healthy.

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