New Year Inspiration

Fitness Inspiration from our very own Matt Todman

The best thing… it doesn’t have to cost you, unless you’d like some new funky kit, but you can get that in the January sales!

  • Don’t rush out to join a gym: you can improve your health and fitness by getting involved with things that are locally convenient, simpler and cheaper. The outdoors and your own home are both spaces where you can exercise and you needn’t dip into your pocket.
  • Get inspired by YouTube and follow people like the Body Coach who does HIIT training session from beginners to advanced which you can easily be completed in less than 30 minutes. You can do it in your kitchen, lounge, bedroom and really feel like you’ve achieved something at the end.
  • Download the Couch to 5K app: the proven benefits of running easily outweigh the old-fashioned hearsay of what horrors it’ll do – it isn’t bad for your knees or hips, running is great for your mental health and it’ll make you live longer.
  • Go out and buy some new sports gear: it really is more technically advanced and will fit better when you’re exercising. Looking and feeling the part will help your fitness journey.
  • Think about having a six-week blast at intermittent fasting and alternate cycles of fasting ad eating. The first two weeks are challenging but it becomes very normal from week three. This is not a diet, and shouldn’t be used as such, but the benefits are health boosting and the anti-cancer properties are now well documented.
  • Pilates is a great way to ease into a fitness regime: adding a little more control and discipline back into our lives. Pilates shouldn’t be about excessive stretching, it’s about making your joints move as they were designed to.

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