Off skiing for New Year?

… then it’s only 2 weeks until you go!

If you haven’t done any ski-prep, then you’d best start now.

It’s not too late if you follow our exercise plan daily for the next 2 weeks… but be prepared there’s a fair few reps as you need to play catch-up!

Jumping squats, bounding & hopping – if you haven’t got a box then a pillow will do… no excuses

10 Reps of each. Rest. Repeat 5 times

Six Physio

Crab walking – both laterally & diagonally

10m shuffle…. There & back! Rest. Repeat 5 times

Six Physio

Lunge & Rotation – Stand with one foot in front of the other, hip width apart and feet pointing forwards. Bend the knees to drop the back knee towards the floor and allow the back heel to lift. Maintain this position as you twist your body round to one side with your arms out in front of you. Your knees should stay in line with your feet.

30 secs. Rest. Repeat 5 times

Now for Strength & Flexibility…

Six Physio

The good-old Plank! But variation is key…

  • Full plank for 30 secs
  • ½ plank while threading the needle for 30 secs
    • Hover one hand off the floor
    • Rotate to reach the hand up towards the ceiling, keeping your hips and pelvis level
    • Then twist downwards reaching the free hand under the opposite arm
  • Side plank with 3 x hip dips after 30 secs… remember to do on both sides!

Repeat the above set 3 times

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch – ensure you correct your pelvic tilt to feel the stretch

Hold for 30 secs. Repeat 3 times

Deep ankle bounces – Holding onto a post or doorframe sit all the way back onto your heels, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Then shift your weight over the ball of the foot and bounce lightly whilst pressing your heels down.

30 secs. Rest. Repeat 3 times

Finally it’s time to get the foam roller out… for your Quads, Calves and ITB…. happy video watching!

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