Optimise your Postnatal Recovery

Yummy Tummies has teamed up with super Women’s Health Physio Camilla Lawrence to bring you the Post Baby Kick-Start.

This is a six-week course designed to maximise your postnatal recovery, create more energy and help to place your body in the perfect state to recovery effectively.

There is always so much focus leading up to the birth of your child about the birth itself and your baby’s development. Then afterwards, it is all about the baby and looking after it. So Yummy Tummies teamed up with Camilla Lawrence from Six Physio to develop the Post Baby Kick-Start to focus on you and how you can best look after yourself during this postnatal period.

This is a course which focuses on you and how to best recover when you have limited energy and time to do so. We help you and guide you through the essential components and give you all of the resources to best look after you.

A lot of times, being a new Mum can be quite overwhelming and a huge learning curve, so we want to help you to take care of yourself.

Throughout the six week course we will provide you with strategies to help you to:

  • Improve your energy levels
  • Provide you with safe exercises specific to your postnatal body
  • Place your body in the optimum state to recover effectively
  • Boost your immune system
  • Recover from your unique birth experience
  • Understand the physical changes that happened through your pregnancy and what to avoid during this postnatal period
  • Improve the quality of your sleep when the quantity is missing

How does this all work?

We will be meeting up twice a week online:

  • One session will be a longer session where you will be learning about the specific topic for that week. I’ll let you know about the various topics below.
  • The next session will be a 30 minute session where you will be guided through specific postnatal exercises based around your stage of recovery.

And don’t worry if you miss anything as all sessions will be recorded for you.

What we will be covering in the six-week course?

Week 1:
What exactly is postnatal wellness, Camilla Lawrence from Six Physio to talk about:

  • Pelvic Floor Anatomy and Function
  • Effects of pregnancy and delivery
  • Symptoms to look out for
  • What are the best pelvic floor exercises post-natally
  • How to build these into general exercise
  • When to seek further help

Week 2:
What are Circadian Rhythms and how they affect your sleep

  • Your baby’s sleep pattern is now your sleep pattern
  • We look at the Quantity of sleep Vs Quality of sleep
  • How creating an evening routine can improve your sleep
  • How your sleep environment has an huge influence on your own sleep

Week 3:
Practical Postnatal Exercise

  • Pelvic floor activation
  • Integration of the pelvic floor with the rest of the body
  • The importance of breathing with pelvic floor activation
  • Different levels of activation with different activities
  • Flow of exercise:
    o Activation
    o Control
    o Integration
    o Strengthen

Week 4:
The Postnatal Everyday Movement Patterns

  • Squat, Lunge, Bend, Twist, Push, Pull
    Considerations in Safe Lifting
  • Picking up the baby
  • Lifting the pram, baby into the car
    Considerations in breastfeeding / feeding
  • Chair (type/comfort)
  • Position
  • Stretching for pain avoidance

Week 5:

  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Looking after yourself when time is limited
  • You are what you eat
  • You are when you eat
  • Eating to survive
  • Just how much water do you need to drink
  • Eating for health first

Week 6:
Postnatal Stress

  • How stress physically effects the body
  • How it can change the body
  • How it affects us mentally
  • Developing strategies to reduce it and/or adapt our response to it
    You time
  • Importance of relaxation (CTFD time)
  • Role of cortisol
  • Strategies for keeping this down

Added Bonuses

  • Access to Lyndon Littlefair the creator of Yummy Tummies
  • Access to Club Yummy Tummies – the online exercise which will help you to progress safely and effectively with your postnatal exercise.

How much is this?
For more information and to find out about the next start date, please contact Lyndon Littlefair at Yummy Tummies

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