Quite possibly one of the best reviews we’ve ever had…

Writing emails takes time, and here one of our patients has explained why physio is necessary and more importantly, Why Six Physio:

The company who helped me were Six Physio, Harley Street. They have a few clinics but Jeremy and Ailish are beyond a doubt amazing in what they do and I just wouldn’t be walking around and back to work so quickly without them.

Jeremy  Parker

He was the one I went to first for about 3-4 weeks. I saw him about 3 times a week. 30 minutes for the first 2 weeks and then 1hr for the last few weeks. He does muscle work in preparation for the movement work that Ailish will do once the body is ready. Then you won’t need to see him anymore.

Ailish Toomey

I started off 2x a week then once a week and then every 2 weeks. She will give you exercises to do every day at home. AND you have to do it!!! These exercises might seem ridiculous but they work!!! Now I see her every 2 weeks not because I have to but because I want to. it’s still early days and I want to recover as close to the 100% as I can.

Physio is expensive!!! But these guys are truly trying to cure your problem rather than just treating you, they work with the ethic of trying to get me in a place where I don’t need them and that I can manage on my own. The truth is, I probably didn’t need to see them so often, but they were the reason I recovered so quickly. Not all physios are like this. I went to one for years and now I know that he was just trying to make sure I always went back.

My back is always going to be a problem, I’ll always have to be very careful about posture, movement etc, but I can now manage this because I know how. 

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