‘Thank You, I’ve been Pain Free for years’

Receiving an email of praise out of the blue is always appreciated, when it comes from a gentleman who has been pain free for years having followed the Guru’s advice… even better!

“In Nov ’19 you emailed me some advice regarding my knee cap pain.

“Of the exercises you kindly sent me, the one that really made a difference to me was the one you call ‘Scooters’. Its simplicity belies its effectiveness – I have to say I ignored it at first because I underestimated it. But when I finally started to use it regularly (20 scoots every time I made a coffee or tea) it really did resolve my pain issue. Its a progressive exercise as well – with the aim of keeping it pain free I was initially fairly upright, but was soon able to do deeper ‘scoots’ – as if I was on a skateboard. The pain has been totally gone for several years now.

“Every time I’m out walking and go to step up onto a stile or walk up a steep hill, I still remember and offer up a silent thank you to you.”

This is what the Guru is there for – to help you, not only get pain free, but more importantly STAY PAIN FREE.

It’s our ethos, it’s our Strapline – Don’t Treat, Cure.

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