What’s hiding in your cosmetics?

Have you heard of the green beauty movement or the natural beauty industry? No? You’re not alone.

The story behind this movement and how these brands came to be is unfortunately familiar. But their vision and products will leave you feeling empowered and ready to make a change.

For most women going through breast cancer treatment they begin questioning different causes for their disease. Is it related to genetic makeup, or lifestyle factors? Or is it harmful chemicals in everyday products?

Unfortunately, most begin searching and are told that conventional beauty products contain harmful ingredients that have been linked to breast cancer. Some women also begin to find that their everyday products that they have used for years start to irritate their sensitive skin during treatment.

Fed up of conventional beauty products being harmful, women set out on a mission to create something safer. Women became scientists, pharmacists, chemists and formulators to create brands using small batches of natural ingredients, free from harmful parabens. Luckily, more brands continue to emerge offering women the option of choosing safe everyday products for their bodies.

The take home message… do your research into what is in your products. #ditchthejunk is a campaign that outlines what ingredients you need to stay away from – from cosmetics, fragrances and hairspray etc.

Together, let’s try to reduce the risk of breast cancer by reducing the exposure to harmful agents.

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