Binky Felstead – before and after shot of her post-baby body

Following gruelling fitness regime Daily Mail 25th August

She regularly treats her followers to insights about her fitness regime following the birth of her 13-month-old daughter India.

And Binky Felstead did not disappoint her legion of fans as she posted a before and after picture of herself immediately post-birth compared with now.

The former Made In Chelsea star, 28, flaunted her new gym-honed body in a matching coral two-piece bikini set that highlighted just how far the brunette has come.

The TV personality highlighted her svelte frame in the second image as she writhed in the sand while teaming the sultry two-piece with oversized retro sunglasses.

Looking as radiant as ever, Binky was every inch the natural beauty as the original MIC star wore minimal make-up and styled her tresses in a messy bun.

Captioning the lengthy post, Binky began by revealing: ‘Exercise has played a big part in my postnatal recovery – not just the physical side, but also the mental side, as getting into the gym massively helps me in terms of boosting my energy, managing my anxiety and generally letting off some steam.’

But the brunette remained to be frank: ‘But let’s be real for a minute – because it doesn’t happen overnight.’

Continuing the post about her postnatal body, she explained: ‘The pic on the left is me eight weeks after giving birth, when I first stepped back into the gym for some GENTLE exercise.’

‘I’m swollen and puffy, but that’s normal guys! Let’s start being a bit real and honest about what our bodies look like after a baby.’

‘And let me just add, I wasn’t in the gym to lose weight. It was me time, and I was following a postnatal ‘recovery’ programme.’

Continuing the caption, Binky wrote: ‘And I want to point out that the workouts I do now with Ty, and you see me post on Instagram are not the workouts I did in the first few months after giving birth.’

‘I took it slow, listened to my body, worked with @bethefittest who is qualified in postnatal exercise, and had a check up with @clarebournephysio at @sixphysio to make sure my body (and my pelvic floor in particular) was ready for the type of workouts we had planned.’

She explained: ‘My workouts were designed to strengthen my pelvic floor and help my core become functional again, and to support my pelvis and knees and other joints that had weakened during pregnancy and labour.’

‘All new mummies should know WHY they’re doing the workouts they’re given by a trainer, or in a postnatal specific class!’

Speaking about other mothers struggles, Binky expressed: ‘And I know I’ve been lucky, as compared to a lot of women, my recovery has been relatively easy – but even if things feel or look like it’s all ok, it’s still important to take care of your body and give it time to do it’s thing and heal.’

‘There’s way too much pressure for women to bounce back, look great and get on with normal life ASAP after a baby, especially with all the pictures we see across Instagram and the media of mums who seem to have done just that – often in a matter of weeks.’

‘But if we just go hell for leather in the gym with workouts that our bodies aren’t ready for, we just end up totally depleted.’

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