Calf & Shoulder Injury Advice for Triathletes

Emma Dunnett and Rachel McCulloch share their expertise in 220 Triathlon

Tight calf muscles after a heavy session or race are a common complaint for triathletes. Emma talks about the benefit of Massage and also the recommendation by Physios for Strength and Conditioning training – increasing robustness and tolerance. Full article here.

No one wants to have enforced time on the side lines, yet a calf tear is relatively common in runners and triathletes, so in this article Rachel McCulloch explains the Whats and the Hows: how to recognise it, what treatment is recommended by Physios and most importantly how to start training again!

Another common area of injury that can cause debilitating pain and prevent training is a Pinched nerve in your Shoulder. We’ve shared our knowledge for any athlete: causes, symptoms and treatment.

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