Mother’s Little Helpers… our Women’s Health Specialists truly are

Our Postnatal body checks come recommended by Tatler…  Our Women’s health physios are the best there are, and we offer this service from 7 of our clinics.

If you’re amazed by your body during pregnancy, just wait till you’ve given birth. The best day of your life heralds a frankly mesmerising decline from wonderment to dismay. You may be the type to diet and work out like a demon, or you may not. Everyone, however, should be the type who goes to Six Physio for a Postnatal Body Check. This isn’t about vanity, it’s about inspecting under the hood to ensure that everything’s working as it should be after a spectacularly intense nine months. The wonderful Camilla Lawrence will look at your back, pelvis, abdominal muscles, joints, pelvic floor (intimate, but by now you’ll just be pathetically grateful for an expert opinion) and anything else that might be bothering you. She’ll give you a simple plan to fix whatever’s out of whack. And you will thank her, from the bottom of your heart. £98 (; 020 7036 0286).

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