When you’ve done yourself some damage @TatlerUK recommends a massage with Gary Telfer

The latest issue of Tatler asks “Are you sad, sleepy, all tied up in knots? Whatever your problem there is a masseur who will be able to rub all your cares away….”

@TatlerUK recommends a massage with Gary Telfer: 5th January 2015

When you’ve done yourself some damage
Physio Massage with Gary Telfer
The main thing you need to know about this massage is that it’s  not a massage. This is an assessment, a quiz: an in-depth analysis of what ails you. It’s as medical as it gets, which is why people with musculoskeletal problems swear by it. Gary is our go-to man, but you will hate him before you love him: he’ll make you stand on one leg, walk on a treadmill and will ask lots of questions while pulling your limbs this way and that. There’ll be a series of stretches that hurt. But the next morning, that niggling hip pain will have eased and your neck will have regained its movement. So you go back for more and find that what ailed you no longer does. Some pain – lots of gain. £70 for 60 minutes. At Six Physio, 19 Foley Street, Wl
(sixphysio.com; 020 7636 6353).

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