Celebrities prove being a ‘thin in three months’ mummy is the latest A-list trend Clare Bourne offers an explanation to Lauren Clark at The Sun as to how it’s possible. 4th Jan 2019

Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa looked incredible as she hit the beach in St Barts just 11 weeks after giving birth and there are constantly photographs of Celebrities on the beach weeks after giving birth, so we were asked why?

While these women have attributed their post-baby bodies to a mixture of fitness, genetics, healthy eating and even breastfeeding, what is the real reason?

The answer is more often than not is fitness and nutrition, according to Clare Bourne, specialist women’s and men’s health physiotherapist at Six Physio Chelsea – who says age, how many children you have had and whether you had a vaginal birth or a caesarean section shouldn’t really make a difference.

“If you’re really strong and in great shape before you’re pregnant, and you exercise the safe way and the right way during pregnancy, your post-natal recovery will generally be quicker,” she says.

“If you do nothing for nine months, for example, your muscles will get weaker.”

Clare reveals that Pilates is one of the most effective types of exercise you can do pre- and post-pregnancy.

“It helps you hone a really deep, strong core – as well as six pack muscles called the rectus abdominis – so your tummy has a better chance of ‘snapping’ back after birth,” she explains, while noting this isn’t foolproof.

“The tiredness that comes with being a new mum can also make it hard to eat well, and often lead to over-consumption of sugar for quick-fix energy.

“Celebrities often have a lot of help with meals and workouts after giving birth,” she points out.

“Most new mums are exhausted and don’t have the extra support.”

She adds that, even then, celebrities aren’t immune to what is a tough experience for the body, pointing out that Vogue, who looked incredible after the birth of her baby son Theodore with Spencer Matthews, recently revealed on Instagram that she got her pelvic floor checked because she didn’t feel confident running.

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