Whether a swimmer or not, Immerse are truly brilliant…

Our Physios are always expanding their knowledge and talents! A few of them have just done a 5 week swimming course at Immerse, and they are definitely impressed:

Aisling says: “Really enjoyed it 🙂 so useful for anyone wanting to improve their swim technique and get the most out of a single stroke!  I feel much more confident in the water.”

James raved about it; “I think its been brilliant. I’ve gone from wheezing after 2 laps to swimming a lot more comfortably and with lots of ideas how to progress further Would highly recommend it”

Gemma’s review: “It’s been great thanks. The stroke is broken down really nicely so you can focus one one part at a time in each session with enough time to practice between each session. Nick is a great teacher and really feel my technique has improved.”

Lauren would recommend to anyone: “Nick is an excellent instructor, he has a very calm, confident manner and is easily able adapt his sessions to what the client requires. For me he broke each component of freestyle down and rebuilt my stroke. My style was completely different after only three sessions and I felt infinitely stronger in the water. I would highly recommend Nick (Immerse) for beginners right through to elite swimmers.”

Rachel is an ex competitive swimmer: “I’ve really enjoyed the course – I have particularly enjoyed learning the correct techniques & working on correcting my technique. Strongly recommend it!!”
Sarah feels: “The swimming course has been really worth while and I feel I have learnt so much. I was always confident with my swimming but would just tire quickly. I now feel my stroke is so much more efficient. Nick has broken down each part of the swimming stroke which has made it really easy to learn and correct our mistakes.”

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