A stiff thoracic spine is the reason for Poornima’s symptoms

November 22, 2016

Hi Guru,

Since a month my left thumb finger became numb without pain. And was having sore lower back since 3 months, a pull or some uneasiness in the left glute since 6 months and sore neck once a week esp below skull and very stiff muscles , headches since 3.5 yrs.

All starting with ard breastfeeding time to my son. So now finally i saw a physio and last one month( 5 sessions-20min > traetments) i was treated more for the back and glute. Daily execrcise for back at home and posture correction dftly made me more aware of my problems and helping me prevent further damage. My physio recommended  me to start clinical philates. But somehow iam not happy with not having any sort of forecast of the whole situation -cure or duration for the body recover even if pilates is done regularly.

I was hoping to hear a medical connection of all my problems. For my neck except for tucking the chin inwards cant i do some daily strengthening excercises at home ? I am in generally very active person. Used to work out atleast 4 days a wk.

Can you throw some light? >

November 22, 2016

Hi Poornima

Probably, yes.

I think it’s a little like winning the lottery.

The odds of winning it once are (obviously) possible but very, very small. The chances of winning it twice are almost impossible, and so forth.

I think having different things wrong with you and having different symptoms, are almost impossible – especially without any obvious trauma.

I therefore think you’ve got a single cause but giving multiple symptoms. If you chase the symptoms and just try to feel better rather than finding the cause, none of it will add up and won’t make sense to you.

Pilates, yes a lovely idea but unless you’ve given a chance to buy in and get an understanding why, don’t bother just improve the way your body manages your load.

I’m pretty sure your issue is primarily postural with a stiff thoracic spine, poor head on neck control and endurance with excessive but poorly controlled lumbar spine joint play…..

Go see someone who can give you good ol’ fashion, honest advice – and don’t pay a penny unless you’re satisfied with it.

The Guru

Guru Responded

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