Back, shoulder & hips

October 9, 2018

Hi, I am trying to establish what would be best for me.

I have some pain in my back and shoulders and also right hip which I think is just general pain from sitting at a desk for 10+ hours a day but have also just started running as I am training for a marathon so would like some treatment for this.

What would be best for me. Thanks

October 9, 2018

Hi Kelly
It sounds as if you have an endurance/stability based issue, rather than just-rub-it-here-to-feel-better type thing, especially with your upcoming marathon training.

A rehab based stability program that can also guide you in a decent run program to get fit and pain free is totally possible.

I’d start with some hands on manual therapy to get you moving better, with less pain than crack on with the rehab to keep you moving better and fitter.

Where are you based?
The Guru

Kelly replies…

Many thanks! My office is in the City by Mansion House tube station.

My main issue currently is the pain in my hip/upper thigh and I am flying to New York on Sunday and have no idea how I am going to sit through the flight so was wondering if there’s any chance I could get an appointment ahead of this. Happy to travel if need be!

The Guru:

Hi Kelly – shouldn’t be a problem at all.

By Christmas we should have a new clinic at Mansion House, until then head down the hill past Cannon Street to Monument and see Mark Golton

He’s a super experienced runner and Clinic Director.  I’ve CC’d him in.

Mark please get in touch with Kelly to arrange an appointment ASAP.


Guru Responded

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