Forklift driver with neck pain

March 8, 2018

I am a forklift driver, and for over a year i have had neck pain mostly on the left side of my neck.

it feels like maybe a tendon but it never goes away and gets even worse when I sleep at night.. I dont sleep very well at all.. I have been on anti-inflammatory s for many years for my feet and everything else that is inflamed.. They just dont help my neck at all.. Im starting to think that there might be something more going on then inflammation .. Any advice?


March 8, 2018

Hi Jill

If you’ve been taking anti inflams for years – it’s defiantly time to stop and even more so if they are not helping.

You need to get away from passive treatment, where you have no involvement and instead start up on an active program, where you are very much in the driving seat of controlling your symptoms – and exercise is absolutely key.

There is most likely nothing actually structurally wrong with your neck, but it’s what you are doing to it, is the issue.

Exercises will not give overnight success and you’ll need to be diligent and do something everyday for at least the next 3 weeks, and after this you will start to feel an improvement in your symptoms.

You need to get better motion through your thoracic spine to take the excessive and painful loading off of your neck. You need to improve the control and strength of the supporting muscles around your neck to allow you to keep control and manage your symptoms.

I’d start here….threading the needle and here plus there are a few more on our channel too!

Guru Responded

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