Hamstring pain

January 11, 2014


I have been having very localized / pinpointed pain right where hamstring joins the glutus. Little to the right of middle of the right buttocks. some times it radiates to back of knee also.

what could be causing this?is it just week muscles or something related to lower back.
I had a car accident last year nothing serious, only visible injury was my right knee got bruised/scraped after hitting in to the dash board , I was driving.

Please advice

January 11, 2014

Hi Sandy
This is a real hotch potch of an area to feel pain in. There are quite
a few differential tests to guide you to tell you what’s hurting and
This pain can either be where your hamstring inserts into your ischial
bone (part of your pelvis), scaitic nerve pain or a bursa (fluid
filled sac that sits between the bone, hamstring and nerve).
If it painful on compression (poking) then it may be hamstring or
bursa, if it’s painful bending over then hamstring or nerve and if it
painful sitting (compression again) then it may be nerve or bursa…..
If you can change the sensation by moving something else i.e. bending
over and putting your chin on your chest or looking up to the ceiling
then nerve may be implicated.
If there was no traumatic recent injury then I’d start with your back
(if there was no conclusive evidence to say what to treat), and if
there was no change after 3 sessions I’d be having a conversation that
may include injecting the bursa (if you have an irritated nerve it’ll
tell the bursa who’ll irritate the hamstring, and vica versa) or a
prolonged treatment program of sometimes upto 12 weeks rehab, control
and stability based exercise.
Your pain referring down to the back of your knee does it make it
sound much more spinally/nervey related, and the car crash may be of

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