Jof has bad posture but isn’t in pain

October 24, 2016

Hi Guru,

I thought I’d ask you again as you seem to know everyone!

I have an ongoing problem with terrible posture and I need some help. I have basically every issue the lady in the pictures below has – especially the wonky neck!

I’m looking for a physio who’s had success in treating these issues and who’ll we be able to get me started on the path towards fixing them on Day 1 (I have very limited budget, but I commit 100% to the exercises).

Is this something SixPhysio can help with? If so, which person/people do you recommend? What are the prices? I’m in South East London and Leadenhall has been good for me in the past, but I can travel further if that means getting someone who might have more experience in that area (or is cheaper!…)


October 24, 2016

Hi Jof

Yes – absolutely bread and butter stuff for us. I must say that “good” Pilates is great for postural stuff like this. Results don’t happen overnight, but a decent 6 week program will give you a decent head start on you being able to fully manage your symptoms.

Now the really tricky bit is “so what!” Poor postural sets do not necessarily mean pain and dysfunction – it may be an indicator for something in the future, but there are plenty of people out there with shocking posture who are pain free just as there are people with good posture, in pain.

It sounds as if you don’t have any symptoms – which means that you’ve got adequate control of your posture. You can bolster this control by Pilates and exercise.

We can cast an expert eye over you, but you need active treatment – you do stuff, not passive treatment – we do the stuff to you!

We offer great value for money, but the cheapest option it to do it yourself. You don’t have any pain – you just need a little motivation. Dr Google and Professor YouTube have some great Pilates/rehab/exercise solutions….

The Guru

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