Krista is suffering from neck and lower head pain so posture is key

October 5, 2015

Dear guru

I have had neck and lower head pain.For the past 4 months. Almost every day but for a week in July. The pains starts at the bump where your head and neck bones meet. Some of my head aches radiate from there. Ears hurt at times. The nape of my neck has been really tight at times. Shooting pains in neck that last a second or too. I’ve had occipital nerve blocks.

All tests: MRI Ct Scan and xrays come back unremarkable. I’ve been to physical therapy and my therapist believes that she’s not helping me. She suggests ENT.

I have been to neurologist and pain doc. What do you think it is.

October 5, 2015

Hi Krista

I’m not sure why a Physio would want you to go and see an ENT dude – you’ve got head and neck pain!

I don’t think I’d be overly worried that all the tests have come back as normal, as I don’t think (and there’s no evidence to suggest otherwise) you’ve got a structural issue. Instead it’s what tyre doing to the structure – this is the issue. You’ve got a problem with how you function….and a doctor can’t help BUT really good Physio can.

I think you should get a 2nd Physio opinion from somebody who can relate your pain to what you’re doing.

What really common is to have a stiff thoracic spine which “forces” your neck to overcompensate for this lack of apparent lack of motion and in doing so makes your jut your chin out as the compensation.

Chin poking causes compression of the joints at the base of your skull and the top of your neck. It’s a simple overload situation.

Change the overload by getting better motion in your thoracic spine. Work posture is key!

Good luck – have a blast of this stretch

The Guru

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Guru Responded

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