More Hip Pain

January 11, 2014

Dear Guru, I’m 32 and work as a waitress… It started with a backpain and continued with a strong pain in my right hip -now my whole right leg is hurting.

Walking makes it worse (so I can’t work at all) but even siting or standing is terribly painful. My doctor said probably it’s the inflamation of the muscle and with some rest it’s gonna be over soon. Could physiotherapy make the heal quicker or better? Or rest is basicly enough?

January 11, 2014

Hi Emi

I don’t buy your docs explanation, and so I’m not sure that rest will do very much apart from delay you getting this fixed.

It sounds like a classic irritated nerve from your back. The problem about standing all day, and waiting on tables is that you have to hunch over to take the orders and most likely stay in that position for the rest of your shift….this new posture becomes the norm.

Try doing this now: roll up a towel like you are heading to the beach and lay it on the floor. Put a towel at the top of it like a ” T ” shape. Now lie on the towel with it running down your back – it starts at the base of your neck and runs to below your bra strap. Rest your head on the pillow and bend your knees up so they rest on the floor. Hang out like this for 10 minutes (if it’s painful,then you’re doing it wrong)….then see what you’re like when you’re up.

You should feel better as the cause (really stiff between your shoulder blades – think posture!) has been identified (taking the load off of your painful lower back) and a trip to the physio may be a great idea. It certainly can’t hinder….

Guru Responded

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