Sacro iliac lower back pain

December 7, 2017

I have been recommended to you by a friend who has attended your clinic and praises you highly.

I have developed a right sided intermittent, stabbing, nerve type lower back pain in the sacro iliac region radiating into the hip. This is on top of a degenerative R hip problem which I have been managing. I am 59 years and have enjoyed a high level of exercise tolerance including yoga, running 10 K weekly and 2 circuit classes up to now. However since developing the back pain I am unable to run as it jars my back and the pain is like a red hot poker.

I am very fed up with myself about having such a low level of exercise and even find yoga is irritating my back.

Please can you advise as I am afraid I have to give everything up yet I know in order to keep strong I need to keep active. Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards

December 7, 2017

Hi Sally

First up – stop the excessive stretching in Yoga. Whilst Yoga is great for mind body connection and all over body movement and awareness, unless you can control what you are doing (and you can’t when you’ve got pain) it’ll probably not solve the issue and possibly extend the time you feel symptoms for.

How you describe the jarring sensation when running suggests that you need to up your control of your glutes (not just getting stronger)  as they are not providing enough support around your lower back which is essentially why you’re in pain.

Why, is the key…

Top of the list is having a posturally (!) tight thoracic spine which forces your lumbar spine to move too much in compensation – loose control of this and things start to get painful.

You need to be given the ability to move better, not necessarily more through the top bit of your back to allow your symptoms to settle down.

Then rehab, rehab, rehab…

C’mon over, the water’s lovely 😉

Guru Responded

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