Stiff left side trapezius and left shoulder pain

April 3, 2014

HI Guru

For nearly a year I’ve been suffering from a combination of a stiff left side trapezius and left shoulder pain that also radiates down my left arm to the elbow on occasions. Its a low level constant discomfort at best and at times its a low to medium pain. I have no problem rotating my shoulder but do feel pain when put under resistance.

April 3, 2014

Hi Farooq

Sounds like an issue with your neck, due to you having a really stiff thoracic spine.

Try to get your thoracic spine moving better, but in doing so don’t overcompensate and put the excessive load into your neck – you’re already doing that!

That are some great stretches on a foam roller, have a good hard look at your working position and stop poking your chin out!

Try and tuck your chin in (not double!) by lifting your chest up – subtle changes go a long way

The Guru
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Guru Responded

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