Elbow Tendonitis (I think!)

December 6, 2018


I am a climber in my first year of the sport, I’ve been struggling with nerve pain coming from my elbow for 5 or so months now and am now looking for some professional help!

I am confused as to what is really going on in my elbow (I can only guess it’s Tendonitis – except for the fact there is a physical mark on my elbow), but have a limited budget.

Could you give me a rough idea of the number of sessions an average patient requires so I can think about what I can afford? I realise that’s very hard to do without a consultation and could drastically differ from patient to patient, I just need to build a rough idea of a budget before investing the first £102 in a consultation.

Thanks very much,


December 6, 2018

Hi David

As a very rough rule of thumb you’d expect to feel very little difference in the first few weeks but by week 6 you should be feeling a significant difference as long as you follow (and understand!) the rehab principles and process.

You may find that you don’t actually need lots of sessions as long as you crack on with your rehab and loading at home – but you may need to add a couple of weeks onto the timescale.

The only fly in the ointment is that you mention nerve pain and then flick into tendon issues….

About 70% of people presenting with lateral elbow pain that looks and smells like a tennis elbow actually have an issue with the way the nerve moves past the elbow because of something else you’re doing with your neck and muscles controlling the way how your shoulder moves….

It’s “fairly” easy to find what’s causing what (and sometimes they are bundled up together – neck and elbow) the slightly tricky bit is establishing what is the driving condition and not just the symptom, and that needs to be treated.

Say 6 sessions and you’ll be on a pretty good track to knowing what needs to be done.

Any more Q’s please fire them in my direction.

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