Advice for tendonosis appreciated

February 4, 2019

Hi Guru! Heard about your great reputation. Hope you can provide some direction.

On my left foot, I’ve had pain under my second and third toes (feels like something tight tied around those toes). Ultra sound said tendonosis in that area. I’ve been told I have hyper-mobile feet. Tried metatarsal pad on the problem foot but hurt regardless of placement (have callus under ball of foot). Tender when pressed between calf and heel.

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

February 4, 2019

Hi Erica

All sounds like a very normal normal injury – tendonosis is a complicated way to say your tendon is having a tough time and starting to show signs of (reversible) wear and tear, and whenever something is being forced to do too much (or above what it should be doing) it happens because of something – and for you its having a hypermobile (too much movement, not enough control) foot type.

And this goes hand in glove with another body part that does move enough – either as a compensation  or a cause. Either way, both needs to be dealt with.

First up I’d “stabilise” your foot – the quickest route would be to get into a pair of off the shelf orthosis or wear a decent pair of supportive trainers for the next 6 weeks and then slowly wean out of them. Whilst having more passive support you also need to make your foot muscles do more activity – leaning to balance on your left foot for a minute at at time a least 4 times a day is a start. These are pretty good –


I’d also check your calf muscle flexibility – and if you do need to encourage more length in it then make sure you stretch like this –


Then have a look at your gluteal control, these are surprisingly good –



6 weeks…..get going!

The Guru

Guru Responded

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