Calf Contusion

August 28, 2019

Hi, I picked up, what I suspected to be a dead leg about 10 days ago at football. I took a blow to the calf when going in to a challenge and could barely run it off. After the game and in the day or two after, I was really struggling to walk. Day 3 onwards it loosened up and felt like it was improving but that has stagnated and even now, I cant walk properly without a slight limp – although this improves the more and more I move it. I’ve had dead legs before that take a couple of weeks to heal but this is showing no signs of going away.

If I contract the muscle or move my leg at the knee (after it has been in one position for a little while) it sends an ache all through my lower leg, which is particularly bothersome at night. In addition, bruising has also come out on my shin.

Any ideas? Is this just a dead leg like no other or could it be worse?

August 28, 2019

Hi Matt

A dead leg/calf is different to a contusion.

The dead bit is related to impacting a nerve, and the consequential nerve changes after and the contusion bit is related to a trauma to a muscle – and the healing process after, which it sounds like you’re in, so not to panic.

You need to influence the healing tissue by starting to stretch (gently, through range not just battering the end of the movement) and start to strengthen the muscle – gently. Start with bilateral calf raises, with bent and straight knees. Make sure you go through range and hold right at the top and slowly, with control lower.

Little and often is key.

Progressively load over the next week or so with a view to doing single leg work and a short, light run after the weekend.

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