Foot Pain – Peroneal Tendonitis

April 3, 2014

Mike asked the Guru:

Hello. I’ve had problems with foot pain since November initially I had Plantar Fascia problems but this cleared up after about a month. Over the past 6 weeks however I’ve had problems with Peroneal Tendonitis and avoided running for the last three weeks. It still occasionally aches after a workout in the gym and after walking. The aching stops after a day or so. Is it a problem that will eventually go away?

Can it be treated via physio? How long is it before I can get back on the road?

April 3, 2014

Hi Mike

Plantar fascial issues, achilles things and tib post problems are all well defined symptoms – but they will all more than likely have a singular causative factor….and this is where the action needs to be directed.

In the vast majority of cases it’s due to foot function and lack of pronatory (the amount you pronate) control rather than just an over (or under (rare!)) pronation issue.

Tib post helps stabilise the arch in your foot, which in turns help the control of your pronation when walking and running – your PF can be though of as an extension of this.

Make sure your runners adequately control the rolling in of your foot, make sure you’ve got enough control standing on 1 leg (balance work…everyday x4 or 5 for at least a minute – great form, not allowing your foot to roll in) and doing a small single knee bend. Try a pair of off the shelf orthotics. Make sure you’ve got enough motion through your big toe….

This is staple stuff for a decent physio, but don’t expect it to clear up over night (unless it gets jabbed…..but then you’ve still got tot find and deal with the cause)

….really sorry for the delay

The Guru
Six Physio

Guru Responded

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