Lloyd asks the Guru about metatarsalgia as not being able to exercise is driving him insane!

November 11, 2015

Dear Sir/madam,

I have been referred to a podiatrist in the last fews weeks who has made me some orthotics, as I have been suffering from metatarsalgia for the past 2 months. I saw him 4 weeks ago, and although there is some improvement, I am still experiencing daily pain in my foot.

Is this an injury that simply requires me to rest it until it is better, or can my recovery be sped up? Not being able to exercise is driving me insane.

Best Wishes,


November 11, 2015

Hi Lloyd

Right pain isn’t it?

Orthotics come in all different shapes and sizes – some good, some not so good.

Saying this I think my first port of call would be to give your Podiatrist a bell to see what they think is an acceptable time scale.

I don’t think you can speed up the process (you can only slow it down) but if your issue is more to do with poor control around your pelvis/hip region (causing a knock on effect in your foot) then certainly doing some rehab around here would stop the possibility of you slowing your recovery down.

Get your Pod to manage your expectations – this is all new to you, but probably very usual for the Podiatrist.

Guru Responded

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