Mystery foot pain…..

January 11, 2014

Lawrence asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

I am experiencing problems with my left foot.

After cycling cross country for ten miles the weekend before last, my foot has slowly deteriorated. I am now unable to bare any weight on my left foot at all, especially first thing in the morning.

Twenty years ago I smashed the foot up in a car accident, but until now have not had any further issues with it.

This is really frustrating as I am trying to lose weight and keep fit.

The problem seems at its worst first thing in the morning and loosens during the day. By the late afternoon I do not remember I have the problem. The morning however when I try to leave the house for the gym, I am now struggling to even get down the stairs! ;-(

Very strange and worrying. Any ideas what this type of issue might be please? Thanks in advance

January 11, 2014

Hi Lawrence
You know what? I think it sounds like plantar fasciitis – there’s alot on Google, but very very dealable with.
It’s an over stretch issue with a band of tissue that runs from your heel to your toes. At night, you sleep with your toes pointed – and so shorten the plantar fascia. First thing in the morning when you put your foot on the floor your stretch your foot straight and stretch your already overstretched plantar fascia.
I’d be loathed to say stretch your calf muscles but you need to get them released (foam roller?) and make sure that you wear appropriate footwear – or at least matches your foot posture.
I’d take a punt that you’ve cycled on your toes too much….
Have a few days breather, look at your shoes and wiggle your ankles up and down before you get up.
If no change in a week…find someone who can help
Good Luck

Guru Responded

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