Sian has Plantar Fasciitis so the Guru recommends a focus on stability and control of the foot and leg

May 5, 2015


I’ve had what I think is Plantar Fasciitis (the usual symptoms) for over a year now with no relief and I’ve just seen your responses about this same issue from others which I will be putting into practice from now on but I though I’d ask you anyway.

My heel hurts almost all the time now, to varying degrees, & I don’t really know what else to do as I’ve tried every home treatment mentioned by specialists online (stretching calf and foot, taping up the foot, insoles,  calf massage, arnica and comfrey balms, Epsom salt baths etc) & saw the GP about 2 months ago, who is referring me for laser/light therapy but the wait is very long. I had dry needling and massage on my legs overror Christmas which helped for a few days but the pain always comes back.

I am a bit overweight but moderately-highly active so I know that probably affects it, but do I need to see a physio or something? I would be eternally grateful for any advice you could offer that would help ease the pain or get rid of it completely.

Many Thanks in advance


May 5, 2015

Hi Sian

PF can take notoriously long to feel better – and unfortunately for you as you’ve had your symptoms for a year, expect your symptoms not to disappear over night.

PF is an “over stretch” issue and so all types of remedial stretching are off the table. You need to identify and then get rid of why your over stretching your PF.

So you’ll need stability and control of your foot and leg. The over stretch is because you’ve lost control of how your entire leg rolls in (from the thigh down to the foot) when standing and walking. The rolling in (or pronation) of your foot is entirely normal. It’s the lack of control that’s the issue.

Off the shelf orthotics can help, as does appropriate footwear and not walking bare footed for the next month or so. Calf release is a good idea, but not stretching. Poking or rolling on your PF is not a good idea. Getting better balance when standing on 1 leg is.

Don’t think I’d even bother with anything electrical – there has been moderate research advocating shortwave when all else has failed, but I don’t think I’d necessarily go along with that.

See a bloody decent Physio – someone who is going to change the why’s and not the what’s you’ve gots.

The issue’s with your tissue and you’ve got to take the excessive load out of it to allow it to start to heel (sorry about the pun!)

The Guru

Six Physio
Sian says Thank You to the Guru:

Hi Guru,
Wow, thank you for getting back to me so quickly and thanks so much for your advice. I am hyper-mobile and have noticed that my legs do tend to roll in and I’ve always had issues with the stability of the ankle on the same side as the PF so that would explain it. Seems like I’ve been doing everything I shouldn’t have to try to fix it but you’ve put me on the right track, so thank you.

I liked your pun by the way 🙂 and I will definitely book in to see a decent physio ASAP.

Many thanks again!

Guru Responded

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