Simon is suffering with achilles pain during activity and inactivity

February 8, 2016

For the last five months my Achilles tendons have been very tender and painful when I walk and also during periods of inactivity i.e when driving they seize up a little.

I do a lot of walking and it doesn’t seem to help. They even hurt when waking from sleep.

February 8, 2016

Hi Simon

Sounds as if you’ve got some really clinically, classic signs of a tendon overload.
You are simply putting too much, uncontrolled load through your tendons.
The more you do (walking) the more they hurt. The more you compress (driving – pointing your toes) the more they hurt. They’ll hurt when you suddenly load them after a period of under loading (sleeping).

You need to establish why, stop doing that, then allow you tendons to be gradually and respectfully loaded back to normality. It’ll take a good few months.

There are plenty of really good options out there to ensure full recovery – stretching, however is definitely off the menu, no matter how it makes you feel after. You’ve got an “over” stretch issue and so don’t need any extra “length”……

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