Sounds like Paul has plantar fasciitis

April 24, 2017

I have a pain on the sole of my foot close to the heel.Which is extremely painful and makes walking difficult esp first thing.

The Guru replied… 

Sounds like plantar fasciitis.

Don’t poke or stretch it.
Don’t wander around the house bare footed.
Wear shoes with support.
Think about getting some off the shelf orthotics.
Practice your balance standing on 1 leg for 60 seconds.
Get some calf release work done.

Give it a good few weeks…

Go to it…

But Paul is keen to know…

Would the Guru advise treatment?

April 24, 2017

Yes – as long as who you see knows that they need to treat the cause of the overload and not just do things that make it feel better. Feeling better doesn’t necessarily mean it’s getting any better…
So, as I said before don’t allow anyone to poke, strip or massage your tendon. Do get them to give you some great lower limb rehab – control (balance) biased and not just getting stronger. Release your calf (but not stretching it) and decent appraisal of your foot mechanics – orthotics are great “resting” devices to allow you to get better control over a 6 week period then wean them out.
The body is great at getting itself better, if we allow it to, we’re also pretty good at slowing down the recovery as we don’t understand the cause of the symptoms. This, via whoever you see, if key.
It’s not a short time process, but seeing someone is definitely a leg up.
Good luck.

The Guru

Guru Responded

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