Tight calves running

August 26, 2020

Hello I live way way out from you. Norfolk to be precise!

A visit would have to be planned and regular follow ups difficult. the problem I have is very tight calves and chillies which isn’t too bad because I stop running quickly and it goes away. When I start up again it eventually returns. My physio thinks it started with shoes. They were fitted to my gait and were only six month old but definitely leaned inwards on my left foot when placed on his table. The right leaned a little but wasn’t bad.

I run six miles three times per week only on a treadmill. I am becoming very frustrated.

Just wondered if you had any thoughts and would it be worth organising a trip to you.

From Wendy

August 26, 2020

Hi Wendy

Could well be associated with your shoes,  but also could also be other things in the mix such as changes in running frequency, speed, distance etc.

It might also be due to (and more and more are starting to come out of the woodwork) due to relative inactivity during lockdown but continuing to run as normal without the normal working breaks ie standing when commuting, walking to/from the station, stairs at work etc.

It might be a good ides to compare how you do 20 single knee squats left v right and see if there’s any noticeable discrepancy (wobble, tightness, fatigue) which may overload your calf/achilles.

What I wouldn’t do it stretch the tightness, not matter how it feels as it won’t tell you why it’s stiff. Achilles are normally due to an overuse situation and we need to establish why and where.

Try doing 50% less running either distance, time or frequency and see the effect over a 10 day period.

Are you doing any strength based exercises?? Lunges, squats etc

Let me know

The Guru

Guru Responded
August 27, 2020

Hello. I have reduced mileage and intersperse each mile with 10 mins on elliptical. I have also reduced speed.

I have a sore spot half way up calf on outside which I have been rolling

am doing heel raises squats clams.

I am wobbly on single leg squats.


September 1, 2020

Hi Wendy – you are actually doing all the right things.

The only things I can’t see are like how you do the rehab (as in the quality and form of what you’re doing)and how you run (heel strike, stride length etc) or what type of load you are “using” ie weight, reps, timings etc.

Might be well worth booking a session with a running specialist…

The Guru

guru-profile Guru Responded

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