Time for RSI to leave the building

January 10, 2014

N asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

I have been suffering with RSI for the last 6 yrs. At first, it was mainly in my right hand & forearm, but as my employer at the time failed to deal with it in accordance with OH advice it travelled up my arm and is now locked in across my right shoulder & the right side of my neck. I feel like there’s a giant bulldog clip clamped over my right shoulder all the time I have had physio & osteo in the past & although there is temporay relief, it soon tightens up.

I started pilates a few years ago which did help but the mat based work was a bit difficult. I was able to use a friend’s reformer & that worked better as I was more supported during the exercises. I dont know what the best course of action is for me.

January 10, 2014


I’ve got pretty simple timeline rule for RSI or WRULD – if you’ve had symptoms for more than 18 months, you’ll need 18 months of hanging out with a Physio (not necessarily being treated, but in contact) and a further 18 months with you controlling your symptoms to declare that you are cured.

Long time frames, but very important.

Nerves can become very irritable, and remain that way when stressed. Your treatment should incorporate a massive amount of rehab to keep you moving better, long term – with the appropriate changes to your work station.

Pilates is absolutely the right way forward, but unless you’ve got the ability to move better, you won’t. Then, Pilates does not do what it says it should do on the tin….

To get truly better see a Physio who has got a good rep dealing with RSI etc – ask around, and make sure they deal with the cause of the problem, rather than just where you feel the symptoms.

You can be treated really, really well.

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