Bev is suffering from bouts of vertigo

February 13, 2017

Struggling with what appears to be bout of vertigo. Onset was July 2016 which was debilitating. Have had 3 more acute bouts since. However, in between time, head has remained slightly ‘spiny’.

Particularly bad when initially lie down & has cause a great deal of ‘faffing’ with pillows. This has been accompanied by severe headache below skull. Have tried epley manoeuvre but not sure that it is having any great effect.

All help welcome.


February 13, 2017

Hi Bev

There is a lot of confusion between brain, eyes and ears when you have on going symptoms.

There’s also an element of what you’ve got right now – is it a bit of BPPV, Ménière’s, vertigo, VBI, labyrinthitis….

It sounds as if you’ve done exactly the right thing to date, but it’s now the ongoing stuff – and I think that regardless of diagnosis you need to “re educate” your brain and eyes and ears.

There are some pretty old school physio type exercises and some excellent practitioners out there that delve in the world of Cawthorne-Cooksey exercises that help plumb your brain into what signals you receive from your eyes and ears.

Your neck pain is also a clue – the longer you feel dizzy, the more your adopt poor posture -chin out, shoulders up and rounded mid back. This is why your suffering with headache and should be pretty easy to deal with, by improving your daily posture

Go see someone who assess you physically and devise a cunning plan to help rid your dizziness and headache.

The Guru

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