Hip Clicking

January 3, 2021

When I perform a lunge or a Romanian dealift / pistol squat I feel a painful clicking it the side of my gluteus and on the underside of my hip.

I’ve had an MRI done and some tendons were inflamed….. What is that clicking ?

January 3, 2021

Hi Freya

Hips can click and clunk (which is usually deeper) and as long as they are not associated with an increase in pain, then all’s good to go.

You can have a painful hip but the clicking doesn’t make it any worse or your hip clicks but it’s not painful – and this is OK, but if it clicks/clunks and the pain gets worse then then slightly different.

It sounds as if you just click without pain – and so that’s pretty normal for some people. You should try a few things to see if you can change it, which will help telling you what it could be (PS the inflamed tendons without pain on MRI could be totally normal and could pre-date the clicking as is just a finding…the more scans that are performed, the more “normal” described pathology looks – it’s not always pain producing).

Try doing a lunge and let your foot point in or out. Or try rolling you knees in or out. Or do it really slouching or standing really tall. Or squeeze your bum or abs. If any of these activities make the click better or worse then you click might be a tendon (inflamed or not!) rubbing over a bone, and you’ll then need to lean to control then strengthen this movement.

Let me know how it goes.

Guru Responded

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