Hip & groin pain in certain positions

July 4, 2017


Have got very sharp hip/groin pain in certain positions but seem to have normal range and strength otherwise. For example, when I’m lying down and drop my leg below parallel or when I’m in a classic standing groin stretch and push my hip forward, I get a stabbing pain which is very hard to locate.

However, I can go into a full squat and load the leg otherwise and it is 100% fine. I have been able to release the muscles around the hip/groin by stretching for a long time and rolling the area using a kettle bell, but the pain only goes away for about 2 minutes and then returns.

Any Ideas??

July 4, 2017

Hi Adam

I think what you’re telling me is that you’ve got protective muscle stiffness around your hip joint – when you get rid of the stiffness (stretch, kettle bell etc) it feels better, but doesn’t get rid of the issue in the medium or long term.

I think this means one of a few things, but the lack of location as to where you feel the discomfort is key – it’s deep and not localised, and probably due to a bursa. The diagnosis is incidental to what’s causing it, and so can be liberal with the diagnosis….but it sounds like a bursa!

I think the key is you’ve got excessive joint play, not necessarily movement around your hip joint. You need to control this and not stretch as you’ve already got excessive motion.

You need to work on your hip and pelvis stability, not strength.

You need to do things like balancing on 1 leg, single leg bridges, hamstring curls on a gym ball, simple standing hip abduction, band crab walking….lots and lots.

Go see someone who can help with the above. Try taking some anti inflams (if you can, short term for less than a week) and definitely no stretching….

Don’t expect any over night miracles, but change the cause and allow your symptoms to get better.

The Guru

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