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March 14, 2020


I started skateboarding in my 30’s last year and I have been having hip pain in my left hip from doing jumps and tricks.

I have been to see a physio and have begun strength training the muscles around my hips and I can still skateboard but I get pain after skating a session.

I really want a focused plan and a better understanding of what’s going on as I want to get back to skating again!



March 14, 2020

Hi Cass

There is lots of rhetoric out there that says getting stronger is the way forwards for dealing with MSK pain, and as you can see it helps but rarely solves everything.

I think you need to get CONTROL of strength, which may sound a little pedantic but your form and how you get stronger is of utmost importance.

Simple things like how you perform a single leg squat or lunge or split squats is really important and helps improve the quality of how you move, and is a much better solution to getting you better.

What have you been currently told to do/doing?

The Guru

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March 14, 2020

Hi there

Thanks for the advice, I don’t think I know what my form is like doing these exercises.

Well currently I am doing lunges with weights, single leg squats with weights and hip lifts with weights. Also abductor and abductor leg swings using weights.

I also have had some sort of osteopath alignment stuff done.

If I’m honest I don’t think I fully understand a lot of the advice given to me as I don’t really know what is going on in my hip to cause these issues and I’m doing these exercises hoping it will work but not really knowing how it helps, if that makes sense?



March 15, 2020

Hi Cass – fair enough but anything weighted is easy to cheat on, as you kind of use a pendular action to get going, rather than reset and start again at the end of each rep – which is more controlled biased.

Here’s what I think – and there are a few probables!

Your hip has too much joint play, which is not the same as range of movement. It’s the amount of motion that occurs around the joint in place. Think of it like loose door hinges. The door open and closes (range of motion) but catches again the frame when opening/closing (joint play)

Every time your hip (femur) does this to the socket (pelvis) it catches and irritates and becomes painful. This joint play (which is either hereditary or caused – repetitive posture or trauma) when uncontrolled becomes painful and is detected by your brain, which causes local muscles in the area to switch on to protect the joint and limit the range.

It’s why you might feels stiff – but it’s not the joint (too much joint play) but it’s the muscles, which now limit the movement.

It’s why getting control and not just strength of these local muscles is so important

The Guru

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