Reactive tendinopathy

January 29, 2020


Hope all’s well

I’ve been diagnosed with reactive tendinopathy (left groin) after moving from Wednesday 5aside football to also doing Monday 5aside football. That was in October. I recognise that with me being 39 years old now things can take a bit longer, but I’ve had a couple of months of physio and things aren’t progressing as quickly as I might like.

Would you have any experts who could be able to help me get quickly back to running and playing football? And what kind of prices would I be looking at?

Thanks very much


January 29, 2020

Hi Brendan

Come and see Neil at Leadenhall he’s great at giving precise rehab, advice and a decent prognosis as to what should be happening next.

I’ve cc’d him into this conversation – let me know if you’d like to help arrange a session.

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