Jess has an ITB issue so the Guru says she needs to do some Gluteal Stability exercises

May 26, 2015


I’ve been having some knee issues and my friend told me to email you with a summary to see if I need to book an appointment?

I ran a Marathon on the 26th April and then 2 weeks later (9th May) I did a 20 mile obstacle course, I was covered in bruises (particularly on my knees), but didn’t think I’d done any damage. On the 12th May I did interval training, as soon as I started I could feel the outside of my right knee hurting a bit, I ignored it for about 15 minutes and then stopped. The next day it hurt to walk and has done ever since. It isn’t unbearable but it hurts after walking a few steps or if I cross my legs with that leg on the bottom. Wondering if I just need to rest up or if I should try and get an appointment? And if so how I go about doing that please?

Thanks for your help,


May 26, 2015

Hi Jess

I always try to persuade people to stay away – it’s far too easy to say “see a Physio” when the body’s pretty good at healing itself….

It sounds as if you’ve got an issue with your ITB where it attaches into the outer part of your knee, and it maybe as simple as you’ve done an awful lot of repetitive loading in a relatively short time and your body is telling to take a breather.

So rest, ice and calling up some extra gluteal stability (not strength) isn’t a bad idea as this will control the amount your knee rolls in under your hip when you load it up running – have a squizz at these which I’ve just noticed say “strength”….they’re not apart from the clam one…I’ll get it changed!

Give these a blast for the next week or 10 days or so. If all’s good – stay away. If not then you may need to come and see us (or someone else) as you have have tightness around the front of your hip which is pulling your knee cap out of alignment, and that’s giving you some pain…

Hope this makes sense!

The Guru

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