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January 31, 2014

Hi there

I’m currently training for the marathon. I was on a training run yesterday and after about 5 miles, I felt a niggling pain on the outside of my left knee. There was no sudden jolt or movement, it just developed slowly. I ran through it for a little while, but then I started to go up hill and the niggle became a lot more severe and I had to stop. I did ye old self-diagnosis and gave it rub and tried to run on but the pain started to move down my leg and intensified to the extent that I was left limping home.

I rested it for the remainder of the day but certain movements are still very painful today and I’m walking with a limp. If it continues I intend to see someone about it, but wondered if you had any ideas on what it could be?

Many thanks


January 31, 2014

Hi James

Sounds like a classic description of an ITB friction syndrome – especially the going up hill bit.

Depending on your schedule, he’s the plan.

Get a foam roller and roll your ITB daily – morning, noon and night. Stick some ice on your painful bits for the next week or so for 20 minutes (no ice burns, so use a bit of oil) – may also be worth knocking back a few Ibuprofen (if you can take them). Try to increase the mobility in your thoracic spine and make sure you’re sitting well at work – no slouching, screen the right height and make sure you use the back of your chair (if necessary bring your screen nearer to you).

Most importantly improve your gluteal control – this is a must! When you run, and your knee rolls in underneath you (worse up hill) you put massive amounts of excessive load throughout the outer bit of your knee – you need to control this excessive movement to stop your ITB becoming the fall guy.

Lunges, squats, dynamic split squats and ballistic hops are the way forward – functional, realistic and pain free. Use a mirror to make sure you’re not cheating and keep A1 form. This isn’t an overnighter, but you need to start doing it NOW

The Guru

Six Physio

PS Make sure your shoes rock and have enough life left in them for your to compete your training and the marathon…..

James Responded:

Guru, you are a legend.

Thank you for the advice, incredibly helpful, I will be sure to recommend you.

I’ll get to it, it’s starting to feel a little better already. Any ideas as to how long I should leave it before I start running again?

Thanks again!


The Guru Replied:

Kind words James!

Leave it for 5-7 days then start to return to recovery running (i.e. not pacey, not distance – just solid form) around 7-10 days pain dependant

The Guru

Six Physio

Guru Responded

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