Knee still not right

June 28, 2021

Hello Guru,

I am around 9 months into online physio provided by my local NHS. I have an issue with how my right knee cap tracks due to an old skiing injury from 19 years ago where I twisted my knee and hurt muscle at the bottom of my quad.

2019/early 2020 I was doing regular exercise, cycling, running, hiking but not the right exercise it would seem as I caused it to flare up by over doing it last year… my knee felt weak and wobbly, clicky and locked out a bit.

The first physio I saw kept me running on it and I worsened the issue, so I ended up very frustrated and in a worse state than when I started with him. Current physio has strengthened it up nicely with squats and lunges and knee cap feels a lot better. Recently I have started cycling short distances and a walk 2 run programme again and even though I have rest days and space it all out it still aggravates my knee but in a different way now! It becomes a bit sore, behind on the inner side. Not enough to stop me walking etc but I can tell it’s not right. And if I really over do it my quad feels tired and my knee cap starts tracking wrong again.

My right hip can also get achy and ‘pops’, sometimes I wonder if I’m just all out of line!

My physio says to persevere and that it will take time.

But I’m starting to feel like I’ll never return to cycling or running properly as its so easily irritates my knee etc! It’s been a year since my injury.

Your advice would be much appreciated. Should I try another physio?

June 28, 2021

Hi Clare – thanks for getting in touch.

I think it’s fair to say that virtual physio has its place but it doesn’t seem to be nailing it with you. I’m sure you local physio could see you as you are failing to progress.

It’s sounds as if you’ve been given a progressive loading program – which is exactly the right thing to do with kneecap issue.

However there are a few markers that you can see/feel that’ll help me (and you!) get nearer to getting back to your  activities.

First up, swelling is there any or was there any?

Secondly when doing your rehab do you feel your quads or your glutes burn?

Third, have you tried to tape your knee or something similar:


Fourth – give me an idea of the walk 2 run program

And finally the hip popping and new knee pain are there any movements that make them worse?

Let me know!

The Guru

Guru Responded

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