Lucy may have overloaded her cartilage while kneeling

January 12, 2016

About 5 weeks ago I was kneeling down on a hard tiled bathroom floor, and when I stood up something had happened inside my left knee that now causes pain often when I walk or stand. It can click when I bend down, a crunchy sort of sound, which is fairly nauseating.

Some days are less painful than others (I’m still trying to work out if damp weather makes it worse!), and actually I’m finding exercise can sometimes relieve it!?

But 5 weeks later and the pain is not going anywhere really… it feels like it’s inside my knee, under the knee cap…

Is it worth booking a physio appointment? Thank you!

January 12, 2016

Hi Lucy

Kneeling on hard surfaces, for a while, never seem to have happy endings.

Most people irritate a little bursa (small fatty blob) that sits under your skin on your knee cap – it can feel the yoke of a poached egg when miffed. I don’t think this is you.

I think you’ve overloaded the really delicate cartilage that sits under your kneecap in front of your femur. This pressure causes the bone (which is protected by the cartilage) to swell very slightly and become really sore….especially when bending the knee and more so when it’s loaded. The longer this goes on the, the more your body tries to move differently to protect the knee – and in doing so just compounds the issue as now the knee cap doesn’t “track” as well against the front of the femur…..and so on.

First up try some anti inflams for the next 3 days (Ibuprofen – if you’re able to take them, following guideline etc). Next up try some home taping  –  which can be tricky. You know if it’s helping as you want to see at least a 50% reduction in your symptoms. Try this for the next few days over the weekend – if it’s improving great, slowly increase what you can do.

If it’s no better then go see someone who understands what’s up and why – I’m sure i can direct you to some good guys/gals across the country.

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